“Best Stress Less Products” – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022

Our Positive Energy Collection

Designed to create positive energy inside and out. Relax, re-balance and uplift in equal measure.

A stunning range of non-toxic, vegan, products in our Signature fragrance STILL – to help us re connect to ourselves, others and the World beyond, and to transform how we, & spaces, feel from the moment we wake up to the time we sleep.

The new Jo Malone or Diptyque. Better quality, and without the price tag!

Victoria Messon

Our office wouldn’t be without these candles now. Such a gorgeous scent, everyone comments!

Kate Elwell

The best home fragrance products I’ve ever bought!

Catherine Cornaby

The Still candle has become part of my night time routine now, when I take a bath and just before bed. It does calm me but I feel so clear-minded at the same time.

Lucy Taylor

Our children ask us to light the candle at bedtime. The light and the scent makes them feel special but I love the fact that it’s clean with no black smoke or chemicals.

Lindsey Marlowe

We love using this mist. It brings a lovely calm to each room. People often comment on the lovely scent in our home but also the great positive feeling as well!

Anne de Silva

I’m so glad I got this spray. I use it all the time. On my pillow, it’s the best sleep spray, and yet during the day it really uplifts me, even when I feel low – amazing!!

Vanessa Curtis

Miracle in a bottle!
Instantly calming and grounding in moments of peace and anxiety.
Brings me back to a place of safety and control in difficult times. Thank you Sara!

Jane-May Cross

Simply addictive.

David Burns

The amazing soul mist arrived today - you are brilliant - a master. The packaging - the note - the poem and the product is quite outstanding - I love it. The care and attention you have put into this is commendable. Thank you so much and it arrived so fast!

Caroline CaryEECVF

Our Signature fragrance

A magical, perfectly balanced fragrance, with the ability to morph, to highlight the notes we need, to maximise our individual sense of well being, throughout the day.

A heady combination of 100% natural essential oils – base notes of patchouli to ground and balance you, relaxing mid notes of lavender and lavandin to de-stress you, with special effervescent & delicate uplifting top notes created to lift and enhance your mood.

Hopelessly addictive. Amazing things come from being STILL.

In whichever form you choose to experience STILL, the non-toxic, vegan ingredients are impressively potent when unencumbered by alcohol, SLS’s, parabens, phathalates, artificial colours and fragrances, and so allowing us to regain balance and empowering us through the notes we connect with most.

3-IN-1 SOUL MIST STILLPillow Mist & Room Spray - A positive energy gift from the Universal Soul Company