Our Positive Energy Range

Designed to create positive energy inside and out. Relax, re-balance and uplift in equal measure.

A stunning range of non-toxic, vegan, products in our Signature fragrance STILL – to help us re connect to ourselves and transform how we, & spaces, feel from the moment we wake up to the time we sleep.


Our Signature fragrance

A magical, perfectly balanced fragrance, with the ability to morph, to highlight the notes we need, to maximise our individual sense of well being, throughout the day.

A heady combination of 100% natural essential oils – base notes of patchouli to ground and balance you, relaxing mid notes of lavender and lavandin to de-stress you, with special effervescent & delicate uplifting top notes created to lift and enhance your mood.

Hopelessly addictive. Amazing things come from being STILL.

In whichever form you choose to experience STILL, the non-toxic, vegan ingredients are impressively potent when unencumbered by alcohol, SLS’s, parabens, phathalates, artificial colours and fragrances, and so allowing us to regain balance and empowering us through the notes we connect with most.

STILL 3-in-1 Room Spray and Pillow Mist - A positive energy gift from the Universal Soul Company