Ultrasonic, aroma diffuser, humidifier & purifier – AURA in Chrome (includes 15ml ‘STILL’ Essential Oils)


Our remote controlled, ultrasonic aroma diffuser, with colour changing mood light, has been created to purify, humidify and delicately infuse fragrance with aromatherapy benefits, throughout your home. Also to help gift you the best night’s sleep!

The Aura has an automatic power off function when the water tank is empty. Ensure you clean the water tank between each use, especially if changing the oil fragrance. Do not exceed the maximum water level line.

“Love the Air you Breathe”

1hr / 3hr Auto Timer

Remote Control

Changing or Fixed LED Lights

2 Mist Settings – Hi / Lo

Sleep Mode

How to use:

Fill the tank with 300ml of clean water – using filtered or pure water will benefit the quality of the fragrance – with the measuring cup.

Add 5-10 drops of STILL pure essential oil. Use the light function to set your desired colour, length of diffusion and hi or lo mist setting.