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The Universal Soul Company


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A Luxury Emporium for the Soul
A Sensory Experience for the Heart

Who we are

The Universal Soul Company is more than a business or lifestyle brand. It’s a call to people, at a time when technology and social media dominate our lives, to value our senses, and express our feelings.

The most powerful commodity we possess as human beings, that links us Universally, the World over, are feelings. They are the language of our Souls. No A.I. has the capacity to emulate this. It will awaken our unique spirituality and help us reclaim it.

In some ways technology is reminding us what it is to be human. It shows us the true value of direct communication & experience, whilst also, ironically, connecting us emotionally with more people and issues we care about – and anywhere in the World – than at any other time before.

We wish to encourage ‘A Feeling World’ ™

A World where we express who we are  – not just those fortunate enough to be in a creative medium.

I believe everyone is intrinsically creative, by the very nature we are able to make choices. Our thought ‘creates’ our reality, through how we see our World & experience ourselves within it.

Life is challenging, and can sometimes throw up emotions which feel too much to bear. This often starts very early in our lives. So, little by little, unless we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to express & comprehend them, we start to close down, as an intelligent response to coping with whatever is happening.

I believe we require a new shared understanding & compassion towards both ourselves and others, in order to stay curious towards the extraordinary & sometimes challenging experience of being human, and also in order to feel the courage to ‘soften and open’  where we’ve closed down, in order to allow feeling again.

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The Universal Soul Company invites you to share the experience.

We hope to bring you inspiration, support, fresh ideas, and beautiful, high quality products – that are surprisingly affordable – specifically chosen to awaken your senses, uplift your heart & soul, and make life a little easier and more pleasurable, in recognition & celebration of how amazing & challenging it is to be human!

Somewhere inside you, you know all of this.
It’s simply a question of remembering.

Welcome Home!

Sara Griffiths

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